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For your event and with the help of our partners we offer you all kinds of ADVERTISING BALLS and inflatable structures, adapted to your needs, to highlight your brand and your Marketing operation.

To bring a festive, original, unexpected side to your media event, and especially give it a high visibility, nothing like balloons.
From the simple release of balloons to customizable helium balloons to the inflatable balloon and / or associated with a happening in a Street Marketing operation, the balloon is often a simple and economical means to create the event.

The release of balloons

A drop of a hundred balloons for your event, at a time X., at a place X. has a magical effect guaranteed. The balloon that we offer is customizable, printable upside down or in place, latex or qualatex, inflated with helium. (Note: You have to apply for authorization to the town hall and let go of balloons harms the environment a bit.)

Balloons of balloon

Different sizes, different colors, with string, letter, or other advertising object, with customizable printing balloons can be associated with your event in different ways. With a little imagination, and an idea tailored to your project, and to your brand one can have amazing results with this basic element.
For example, pale green balloons in clusters give an appearance of branching or bunch of grapes. Nature effect.

The inflatable helium balloon

Designed specifically for Street Marketing, the helium balloon we offer is customizable (choice of size, impression of your brand), and ensures you a high visibility.
Associated with a distribution of samples or flyers, it can have a significant impact in terms of visibility. Guaranteed effect.

The giant balloons blend well with the happening in the street. Different options are available as internal lighting, as well as extra accessories such as ropes or an inflator.

The inflatable advertising balloon

The inflatable balloon in the form of a balloon strikes the imagination. Everything is possible depending on budgets and ideas. Contact us.

Example: here a balloon balloon simulating the presence of thousands of balloons for the release of a film in London.
Due to their shape and volume, inflatable structures attract the eyes of small and large. They are ideal for marketing operations, the launch of new products ... These are "Totem" structures designed to display an advertisement or a noticeable information!

They can also be luminous or in the form of characters for maximum visibility and effect.

With new technologies, and new materials, today many things are possible. When the imagination is in power ...