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We offer several types of displays :

Our company offers a display service in PARIS and the Paris Region.

–In business :

We subcontract part of this activity with Mr. MACE, whose efficiency is very high.

Let us quote the "B. MACE 2013". " At present the display is cruelly lacking in efficiency and honesty:

  • – The exclusive posting of your poster in the same day (no coupling with other posters)
  • – All day long the display presents your event to any person you meet
  • – Repeating your poster in the targeted area (small and large)
  • – Your posters placed first on the showcases in double-sided, then inside the store. Window cleaning is done if necessary and the use of a suitable adhesive positioned in a special and aesthetic way.
  • – The training of displays according to the expected quality requirements and a waste avoided posters. Regular control of the professionalism of our posters.
  • – Posters may be stuck outside the closed stores for hire, sale or abandonment, on work palisades, on signs of several posters (for limited purposes) "

There, all is said !

–Free :

  • Posters small sizes (A3, rarely A2) glued to the tape in wilduvage
  • Collage of large format posters (160 × 120, A0, A1, 50 × 70, 70 × 100) wild in boarding (posters A2 rigid posed by 2 to the clip) in front of concerts, festivals or main axes urban.
  • Poses posters glued or printed on a rigid support (cartons, wood, plastics ..) on the major urban axes. In the latter case, we ask the advertiser to precisely define the desired locations


On the occasion of a major communication campaign around selective sorting, La Mairie de Paris and Eco-Emballages have called on our services to ensure Distribution in mailboxes and the posting of posters of information documents simultaneously, in several boroughs of the capital.