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The distribution of documents out of stations and subways is a means Ultra-powerful To send a message in a punctual.

You can distribute up to 600 messages per hour per person on the most frequented sites and at peak times!
Hand-delivery multiplies the reading rate by 10 compared to a simple deposit in mailboxes for example.

Some crucial points of the success of your operation :

– Distribution must be at peak hours :

  • 6H-9H in the morning
  • 17H-20H in the evening
  • The morning is preferable because the prospects are more receptive and have the time to read the documents in the train

We suggest sending an SMS to the arrival of street-marketeers and sending another at the start to control their presence.

– Distributors must be presentable and smiling

At least Clothes in the colors of the event or your company, or better an animation (stand, balloons or other) to optimize the readability and increase the distribution rate (decrease the mistrust of potential recipients)

The product must lend itself to this type of communication : So if you sell windows or are a real estate agency, street marketing will be difficult to use, except to advertise a particular event and punctual.

Conversely, if you advertise a sale that takes place not far from the station concerned, if you are promoting a new product or if your message is political or ideological, then street marketing is for you !!
We charge a minimum of 2 hours at 35 H of the hour, plus travel package 30 €